Saturday, March 14, 2009

Food and Climate Change -- with Dr. Wayne Roberts of the Toronto Food Policy Council

Our food supply has become one that places convenience before taste, cosmetic appeal over nutrient value, and worst of all profits before people.

Awareness of the impact of climate change on our current unsustainable global food system is growing, while the cheap resources and economic conditions that have supported it are abruptly shifting. Our food security isn't something that we can take for granted anymore.

Can our individual food choices and habits make a difference -- and a siginficant one -- before climate change reaches that certain 'critical' point and becomes permanent climate disorder?

Add your voice to the growing global, national and community-wide conversations about the future of our food. Opening remarks by Zsuszsi Fodor of OPIRG PEAS, presented by *karen b.

Sponsored by: Slow Food Hamilton, Hamilton Eat Local, The Sky Dragon Community Development Cooperative, OPIRG McMaster, The Eklectic Kitchen, and RevWear.