Monday, October 13, 2008

OPIRG PEAS "Seed to Scrap" Bus Tour puts Local Food Issues in Motion

The OPIRG PEAS "Seed to Scrap" Bus Tour was an event organized by members of a new OPIRG working group based at McMaster University. Tour organizers put together a well-orchestrated first hand experience that contributes to our community's understanding of the importance, intricacies, and opportunities inherent in Hamilton's exisiting and future food system. The tour ended with a a reception that included a delicious meal with contributions from Hamilton Food Not Bombs, Eat Local Catering (wicked soups!) and others.
photos by *karen bHeart's Content Farm: horses pull ploughs, sheep mow lawns... everyone lends a hand!

Dundurn Castle's Heritage Garden where urbanites dig into gardening with gusto...

The urban agriculture project on West Avenue was undertaken by three young people determined to feed themselves this summer with food grown in their own backyard: Andrew Flaman, Julie Fleming and Molly Mcdonald show how they put their plans into action!
Tasty preserves and dried ingredients from calendula to home-grown beans will provide local food well into the fall and winter
Closing remarks at the reception at tour's end held at The Eva Rothwell Resource Center, led by Zsuzsi (PEAS Coordinator) and Matt Thompson


PEAS: promoting eating alternatively and sustainably said...

thanks karen!
we appreciate your kind words and beautiful pictures.
i've linked the entry to our opirg site if that's ok!, under working groups.

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